OFF Photo Company - full service photo agency.

About us

OFF Photo Company is a full-service photography agency. We care about the whole production: productions, scouting, costumes, set and props, budgets, castings, catering, travels and retouching. We have worked for:

Sport: 4F, Nike, Adidas, Outhorn, Burton Snowboards, K2, Pajak Sports, Airblaster, Burn Helmets, Flyn Wetsuits, Turbokolor, Lakai Footwear, Kross Bikes, Nobile Sports, Strappo Cycling.

Cars: Renault, Nissan, Mini, BMW, Porsche, Mitsubishi.

Fashion: Tatuum, Diverse, Colorshake, Paris + Hendzel

Corporations: ERGO, Coca-Cola, Virgin Mobile, KPMG

Others: Johnnie Walker, Storytel, Vibe Vitamin Water, Oshee, Orlen, Burn, GASPOL.


Marek Ogień, Head Photographer OFF Photo was a photo documentalist as a member of the Andrzej Bargiel “Sun Leones” crew. Bargiel, high-altitude adventurer has become the first person to ski down from the summit of K2, descending from the world's second-highest mountain, on 22nd of July 2018. 

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